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Our school follows the national curriculum key stages 1 and 2 framework document. 

Primary National Curriculum Framework Key Stage 1 and 2  


If parents would like more information regarding the curriculum we follow please contact and we can put you in contact with our curriculum leader. 



Maths Curriculum 

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Literacy Curriculum 

Literacy Curriculum

Reading Approach - LIRA

Our approach to the teaching of reading

Science Curriculum 

Science Curriculum



 Please click on the links below to view the information relating to our whole school curriculum. 


Maths Yr 1 to Yr 3

Maths Yr 4 to Yr 6

Maths Yr 6 to Yr 7



 English Curriculum



Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

Reading Booklet for Parents



 Year 1 Curriculum Overview

Year 2 Curriculum Overview

Year 3 Curriculum Overview

 Year 4 Curriculum Overview

 Year 5 Curriculum Overview

  Year 6 Curriculum Overview 



Progression of Skills - Maths

Progression of Skills - Calculation

Progression of Skills - Literacy

Progression of Skills - ICT

Progression of Skills - Geography

Progression of Skills - History

Progression of Skills - Music

Progression of Skills - Science Biology

Progression of Skills - Science Chemistry

Progression of Skills - Science Physics

Progressions of Skills - Science Working Scientifically

Progression of Skills -Art

Progression of Skills -DT

Progression of Skills - PSHCE

Progression fo Skills - Religious Education

Progression of Skills - PE

Progression of Skills - Curriculum Cohort Overview




 WGPS FS2 to Y1 Reading tracker

WGPS Y1 Reading Tracker

WGPS Y2 Reading tracker

WGPS Y3 Reading tracker

WGPS Y4 Reading tracker

WGPS Y5 Reading tracker

WGPS Y6 Reading tracker


WGPS FS2 to Y1 Writing tracker

WGPS Y1 Writing tracker

WGPS Y2 Writing tracker

WGPS Y3 Writing tracker

WGPS Y4 Writing tracker

WGPS Y5 Writing tracker

WGPS Y6 Writing tracker


WGPS FS2 - Y1 Maths Tracker

WGPS Y1 Maths Tracker

WGPS Y2 Maths Tracker

WGPS Y3 Maths Tracker

WGPS Y4 Maths Tracker

WGPS Y5 Maths Tracker

WGPS Y6 Maths Tracker  



Reading Booklet

Read Write Inc Presentation and Leaflet

Parents Learn Its Maths Leaflet

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